The Beginnings

In 2006, Wayne launched a online business powered with relationships. The original product, was a Internet Marketing E-book. It was an original all inclusive, easy to use, and top seller. Moving forward, Wayne has branched out from internet marketing to become one of the world leaders in the how to make money online, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, and blogging for money niches.

My Vision

My vision is very simple. Here I work to help people change and live better lives. I achieve this vision, by allowing people all over to discover their inner potential and achieve their goals with multiple internet opportunities, and we share generously with our online community. To help us streamline this vision, I have four straight forward values that this website is built on.

1. Partnership
WayneMing.com was founded on the concept of partnership. The partnership that exist between me and my clients is my most prized possession. I always focus on in best interest of my clients, in such away that increases confidence and trust.

2. Integrity
Integrity is the key to my online success. I do what's right, even when no one is looking. My success is measured not in monetary terms, but by the trust, credibility, and respect we earn.

3. Personal Worth
I believe that orginality creates individuals. Each person deserves respect, and good treatment. You have the right to succeed to the fullest extent and to take advantage of every opportunity.

4. Achievement
I'm an self starter, that's what you need to be. Always push toward greatness in everything you do. My vision is continuous supremacy to the accomplishment of goals. There will be changes, react quickly and without delay, do the hard jobs first, and learn from all experiences.

Founders' Fundamentals

For over 6 years, I've build on the high quality and standards established to ensure the love for the business never dies.

Individual opportunity and monetary freedom goes hand in hand. With WayneMing.com you will have the freedom to reinvent your life by starting and owning your own online business.

We all need family for encouragement and motivation. We are all a part of the WayneMing.com family – a place where we will respect and care for each other to promote success.

I dare and challenge you to dream big and loud. WayneMing.com is a place where hope will thrive.

True Happiness, the best achievement comes with earned success. WayneMing.com rewards achievement, and what you help others achieve.