How to Recover From the Google Algorithm Update

google-algorithm-updateOnline success is often measured by how well your page ranks in Google search engine results. For any online entity looking to get out there on the web, there is no doubt that a search engine ranking is very important to your online success. Because of this, businesses will often pay social media and search engine optimization experts hundreds or thousands of dollars each month to help move their pages up in the rankings.

There is a lot of fear going around in the online community about the new Google algorithm update, but for those familiar with search engine optimization tactics, there really shouldn’t be much fear. If your page was affected negatively, there are a few simple keys that can ensure that you survive the update and achieve online success.


Having a Google+ page has already been a way to improve your search engine ranking and lead to online success. With the latest updates though, it is very important that, if you had not previously done so, you set up a Google plus page. Some people have complained that Google is using its position in the search engine industry to promote its own social media website, but no matter how you cut it, having a Google plus page has become important.

google-plus-360With recent updates, Google plus is now linked to Google local, and more importantly, the +1s that you receive on Google plus directly link to your online success in page ranking. Just having a page isn’t enough, though. Make sure that the information on the page is consistent with your website, update it as necessary and link to your website in the information. Once this is in place, promote the Google plus page through your other channels and link to it from your website.

Other Social Media

Social media is extremely helpful in getting your message out there. Though its importance in building business is often exaggerated by social media managers, the fact is that having a strong social presence is directly related to online success. For any business looking to get the most out of its website and gain the best return on investment (ROI), social media websites should already be set up.

Still, with the latest updates in the Google algorithm, there can certainly be a more noticeable increase in search engine ranking from social media. For starters, make sure to share not only your website on social media sites, but also link profiles to one another. This is especially important for your Google plus profile.

More importantly, start engaging your customers through social media. Just having a Twitter or Facebook setup is no longer sufficient. If you are not actively updating and posting to your potential customers, you will suffer from the new updates in Google’s algorithm. Going forward, pay closer attention to how you are engaging users on social media and how you can offer them high quality content on a regular basis; this will directly impact your online success.

Keep Updating

The more often a website is updated, the more chance it gets to move up in the ranking. As was pointed out at the start of this article, most of these factors were already figured into search engine ranking, but with the recent updates, they have become that much more important. A website that is updated weekly, or even daily, is automatically going to have an easier time than one that is only updated once a month.

updatingKeep finding ways to engage your audience and add value to your website. If you don’t already have one, start a blog and start posting a couple of times a week. However you get the updates, it is important that they are noticeable. Don’t just go in and reword a small paragraph thinking that will help your ranking. The keys to online success today are consistency and quality.

Content Is Key

Having high quality articles, blog posts and other online content have always been a part of improving your online ranking, but with the newest Google updates, there are some more important factors to consider. Some search engine optimization experts fear that this update may be the end of their profession. In reality, it is just a new permutation, and anyone willing to adapt to the changes will find that they are really not so bad.

For starters, keywords have become “less important” with the new update. The reason for this is that Google is no longer just searching for how often the word appears throughout text. Now it looks to make sure that the text being searched for appears more easily when a link is clicked. Said differently, if you find a link in the Google search results and click on it, Google wants to make sure that whatever keyword you were searching for appears right away. In essence, Google is just looking to improve the quality of content.

Keep High Quality Links

high-quality-backlinksIncoming link traffic is important to your online success, but outgoing links from your website can be just as important with the new updates. When you post links on other websites, make sure they are reputable and actually helpful to your reputation. Going to “link farms” and spamming your link is actually going to hurt your ranking with the new update, so if you have done so in the past, stop immediately.

On the other hand, guest bloggers can be a great help in improving your rank. Have someone write a content-rich review about your service on their blog and that link leading to your website will be extremely helpful. The same can be true when people share you link on social media.

More importantly, the latest update looks at what links are leaving your website. If you have links to websites overstuffed with keywords and lacking in content, you are actually hurting your own website’s performance.

Not to Fear

With all things considered, the new Google algorithm does not have to be cause for alarm. Many search engine and social media experts already are doing what Google wants. If you want to stay consistent with your online success, just stick to one basic principle; provide the best content available.

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