10 Must Have Features When Doing Mobile Marketing

10-mobile-marketing-featuresThere are a lot of different methods that you can utilize to gain exposure online. However, when the web moves to the smartphone and tablet, you’ll need to have a different set of tools at your disposal. Otherwise, you could end up losing a good portion of your audience. Internet marketing is moving forward to the world of mobility, and if you’re not on board, you will miss out on a huge sector of the population. If you’re going to work within the realms of mobile media marketing, you’ll want to look into 10 must have features.

The Features That Matter

If you’re going to be building a mobile application, make sure that you keep in mind several features above others. Certain solutions are going to allow you to gain access to the widest audience, and some will not be so grand. The following are some of the most talked about by web entrepreneurs.

Good Feedback

The first thing that you want is simple, you want to have feedback fully in place. Without this, you will not be able to communicate with your audience. Make it obvious for users to contact your support team, or email you. Whether it’s good or bad, you need their opinions, and reply swiftly as a result. Do not skip out on this.

User Interface That Is Intuitive

interfaceYou are not just cloning your website when doing mobile marketing, you are making a completely different experience. It’s with that in mind that you must have UI elements that are cutting edge. Do not just have a miniature website, that’s too easy. Your feature rich mobile app, should not clone the internet browser in terms of interface design.

Social Media Integration

If you’re going to go on a limb and market to the mobile users of the world, make sure that you’re integrating everything with social media. Users should be able to link, share, and do more with social interaction. They shouldn’t have to leave your app to do it either, integrate the elements using existing API’s from each major brand, and you’ll get the right movement forward.

User Settings Should Be Standard

Many mobile applications do not allow you to do anything but view pages. You’ll want to break the mold, changing things up for the better. Allow users to customize the way they interact and view your app, with clear functions that changes everything from scaling to zoom to font size. Give them control of the experience and you’ll get higher marks.

Simple Design Mechanisms

It was mentioned above about UI, but this is more about the mechanics. Making sure to remember that the mobility issue is not just cloning experiences that the user can have on their laptop or desktop is crucial. If you’re trying to scale things down to a phone, then keep that in mind and don’t create a super database of information. You want to think portable, not definitive. Simplicity goes a long way.

The Onboard System (Keep It Simple)

The worst applications in the world are the ones that make keep filling out your information, and then click through menu after menu. Stop the notion of pulling all the information by hand, and allow users to interact without it. Kill the need to have multiple screens for the onboarding process, and trust the intelligence of the end user. They are using new era technology after all.

Keep Mobile Device Standards

One of the most important aspects of any mobile marketing technique is the standards that are being used across the board. There are certain things that you don’t want to take away from the experience of the end user. The app is not a web browser clone, but if someone wants to use your app like one, then allow them to do with a savvy and intuitive solution. Don’t reinvent the wheel, but at the same time, don’t destroy functionality.

Go Offline

A great feature to add is simple, let the end user go offline. There are going to be signal disconnections, and spots where a person wants to navigate information but can’t seem to get another bar of signal. That’s why certain aspects, if not the whole thing should have a certain infrastructure that allows offline usability. This one is tough, but it’s amongst the best additions to any major marketing plan.

Throw In A Game

gamesWhy not make the experience a game? This may be rough, but it’s a feature that many marketers will find compelling. It’s tricky to add this, so don’t rely solely on this aspect, but rather make it a part of the feature riche marketing experience you’re crafting.

The aforementioned is an exploration of solutions that you will want to look into when moving towards marketing that is mobile. Focusing on application building and solutions that can be easily transferred to a phone or tablet is the future that is blossoming right now.

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