7 Mistakes That Could Turn Your Mobile Marketing into a Mobile Disaster

mobile-marketing-to-mobile-disasterMobile commerce is now contributing a substantially large proportion of online transactions every year. This trend seems to be rising steadily with turnover in the region of $200 billion and still rising. Mobile commerce and the convenience offered by mobile media marketing provide immediacy, a lot of opportunities, and the flexibility of fitting the transaction even on a very tight schedule. However, it is still a concept that is easy to get wrong. IPSOS and Google put the current actual mobile phone purchases coming from only about 30% of smartphone users. These statistics are an indication that a lot of room for improvement still exists. Here are seven mistakes that you should avoid at all costs while aiming for the top:

1. Not Engaging in Mobile Media Marketing!

There is a unanimous agreement that the time for retailers to be delivering high-conversion and truly effective mobile media marketing initiative is now. The time for contemplating whether it is the right thing to do or not is long past! The problem plaguing many retailers online is the failure to convert every visit or at least a majority of them into sales. The main reason is because the mobile versions of their sites lack a transactional functionality. Others lack a mobile version altogether, and their customers have to navigate a difficult-to-read desktop site.

2. Failing to Understand the Needs of Your Mobile Users

When developing a mobile version of your site, ensure you factor in your clients’ needs. Know them and keep the on-line tasks simple. It also is important to know that most people seeking information via mobile devices in most instances prefer to get to their desires without much fuss. Feel free therefore to remove content and tasks that seem unnecessary when building a mobile site. In your mobile media marketing endeavors, think a lot more in terms of what your customers want there and then.

3. Making the Check-Out Process Too Complicated

Mobile sites are built to improve efficiency and minimize bounce rates to the bare minimum. Making the checkout process complicated only helps to increase the number of disgruntled customers. As a rule, make the buying process easy and quick. Having too many blanks to fill or making the process complex may tempt customers to abandon a purchase.

4. Putting Up Poor Product Presentations

Failing to tailor your site to suit the requirements of mobile hosting has one chief disadvantage: images and how they appear may fail to optimally market your products as well as they should. Instead of single large images that may not be elegant, try adapting a zoom function into the site. This way, customers can view products closely without having to load huge images.

5. Making the Site a Lesson in Navigation Nightmares

Adapting material for mobile users means having to deal with less screen space. Navigation can be a bigger problem considering this constricted space. Features that make a lot more sense for desktop situations like hovering may just mean the difference between success and failure when it comes to mobile media marketing. Making the search icon hard to find is another deal breaker. Drop downs are more appropriate navigation for mobile devices.

6. Disregarding Security

Many studies cite security as one of the leading reasons many people do not conduct purchases via mobile. IPSOS and Google studies show that 44% of mobile users feel that mobile commerce just isn’t that secure. A while back, desktop security was doubted just as much. It is the retailers’ job to help grow that faith. You may want to include security logos as well as using trusted payment merchants.

7. Ignoring Social Media and the Power of Email

Smartphones are very social in terms of their features; it therefore is suicidal to fail to take advantage of this. Your site can only be an effective mobile media-marketing avenue if it lends itself well for sharing. Neglecting the power of emails is just as suicidal. If you are contemplating disregarding emails, just know that online purchases and email offers have a better link with mobile than with a home PC. Many people will check their emails via mobile first, and a large proportion of these people act on the messages; the more reason you need to have email endeavors firmly integrated into the mobile media marketing plan.

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