Making Money Using A Smartphone

making-money-smartphoneThere are many ways to make money online, and with the fact that so many people now own smart phones, it is becoming easier to make money on the go. Most of the options available to people trying to make money from home and on the computer are becoming available to smart phone users. Smart phone users are now able to take surveys, redeem money for shopping with certain stores or brands, and complete assignments for specific stores. A lot of these methods of making money are extremely passive and require little effort from the user.

The most common and well-known way to make a couple extra bucks either on the Internet or using your smart phone is by completing surveys. One could easily sign up for a survey taking website and just use the browser on their smart phone to take surveys but that’s tedious and most websites are still not formatted for smart phone use. Luckily, there are applications coming out for the smart phone that allow users to take surveys on their phone. The biggest complaint with most survey taking websites is that it’s hard to qualify for the surveys and the surveys themselves are long and boring. In the case of the survey applications, users are likely sitting around or waiting in line with nothing better to do anyway, so there’s no harm in putting the time into taking a survey and making a bit of extra money.

Another way that people are making money is by utilizing their shopping habits. Applications like Ibotta exist to convince users to buy brand name goods, and they’re rewarded for it. For each item that Ibotta lists, users can complete certain actions (tweeting about it, watching a video, answering a question) and will receive a set amount of money for doing those actions. The money is actually placed in an account when the user purchases the item and uploads a picture of their receipt. Another application, Shopkicks, rewards users for simply setting foot in a store – although extra rewards are given for buying product there too! This application works on a points-based system and the points are redeemable for gift cards or a deposit into a Paypal account.

While it may be a little more work there are semi-mystery shopping events now being hosted on smart phone applications. Users can download an application and be made aware of jobs in their area requiring performing a mystery shop, performing product quality analysis, or simply stepping in and taking a picture of something. These jobs can award significantly more than other activities completed using a smart phone but may require more work depending on location. Metropolitan areas such as most of California will tend to have more opportunities than an area like rural Wyoming. However, users can be prompted and sign up for notifications when new jobs are listed, making it easier to jump on something before another person does, who is hoping for a piece of that pie.

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