Mobile Marketing: The Inside Story You Wouldn’t Expect!

mobile-marketing-inside-storyEveryone has heard tales of people making money through the Internet and mobile marketing, but it seems so uncommon to actually meet someone with a real success story. The truth about mobile media marketing is that, with the proper implementation, you can generate a lot of quality leads and really get your message out there more effectively.

With the growth of cell phone usage, specifically smart phones, there is a new and largely untapped market for advertisers. As with any other marketing tool, using the cell phone to communicate with potential customers can greatly increase a company’s sales. Many large companies are using mobile media marketing nowadays, so why not you?

SMS Marketing

SMS, or short message service, is what most people use to communicate with every day; this is text messaging. Text messages are sent every second around the world, and, on average, a new text message is read within four minutes of receiving it. This offers a higher conversion rate than almost any traditional marketing efforts do, making it a very powerful tool.

Nearly every adult in the United States has a cell phone, and the world average isn’t far behind. The truth is, all of the technology and tools that were limited to desktop computers years ago are now being utilized on the average cell phone. Because cell phones are constantly being used, it makes them much more effective than any computer-based advertising.

By using SMS marketing, customers can be notified of new deals, updated on the status of their orders or even be sent personal offers and information that is relevant to them. Unlike receiving an e-mail or regular mail, this seems more personal to consumers, and it gives them a feeling of connection to your business.

The one downside of this type of marketing is that you are limited in characters and there cannot be any dynamic features to the ad. Still, SMS marketing is the staple of mobile media marketing, but there are other options as well.

MMS Marketing

MMS stands for multimedia message service, and it brings a higher level to the mobile media marketing. Unlike SMS, which is just simple text, MMS can have videos, pictures or virtually anything else that can be received by a cell phone. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, and in marketing, a picture is always more helpful than words. Having the ability to include pictures or videos in this type of mobile media marketing can be invaluable.

MMS marketing can definitely add an extra element to any marketing campaign, and being able to send videos, sound or pictures directly to customer cell phones is very much worth the investment. On the downside, this is obviously more expensive than SMS, and there are some limits to its use. Still, it is quite a useful tool, and anyone using mobile media marketing should definitely look to integrate MMS marketing into his/her strategy.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are perhaps the most complex and expensive mobile media marketing tools for marketers. In order to utilize this tool, an individual must download your business’s mobile application. Unlike other mobile media marketing tools, this is therefore limited in its reach. Despite this, it can be the most effective means of mobile media marketing if it is properly utilized.

These notifications are used by almost every smart phone, and will alert cell phone users of just about anything you want. Once the app is installed, any notification you want to go through will show up on people’s home screens and they will know about new products and offerings. The downside to building push notifications is that they are the most expensive method of mobile media marketing.

So, if you are not already using mobile media marketing as part of your marketing efforts, you should definitely look at getting a campaign started. Unlike mailing, e-mails or cold calling, mobile media marketing can really grab someone’s attention and hold on to it. In today’s fast-paced society, people don’t have much time to spend sorting through advertisements.

Having the ability to quickly communicate via cellular devices is a tool that many are starting to understand. It is something that any business owner should be using. Don’t let technology be the death of your business; latch on to this relatively new technology and embrace it. 

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