Why Do Mobile Marketing in 2014?

mobile-marketing-2014Every marketer worth mentioning will tell you the mobile frontier is the place to be. It is going to be defining what commerce is all about from now on. The statistics alone are mind-blowing and speak of an opportunity like never before witnessed in the commercial world. Did you know that 70% of all searches conducted over a mobile medium lead to action within just an hour? This and similar revolutionizing stats are putting mobile marketing right in the glare of every discerning marketer. Optimizing or adapting for the mobile market is very essential if any of these reasons and statistics are anything to go by.

1. More and More People Are Getting Attached to Their Phones

Up to 75% of Americans and almost a similar number in other countries of the developed world now admit to taking their phones with them to the bathrooms. That is how integrated phones become in people’s lives. Granted, a large portion of the time spent on mobile phones and tablets is keeping updated, checking social media sites, as well as playing games; it leaves a suave marketer with a whole lot of time to hit the right cords with the customers. As a marketer, you can either choose to come on board and utilize this awesome opportunity that mobile marketing offers or you can stay away and lose out. It is that black and white!

2. At Least 70% of All Mobile Searches Are Usually Serious Enough to Elicit Action

Statistics show that mobile users are more likely to make a purchase as opposed to browsers using a laptop or desktop computer. This is so because mobile users are constantly on their feet. Browsing with a laptop in most situations is usually to satisfy curiosity or maybe conduct some research. People who do their searches on their smartphones on the other hand are decided and know what they are going for. Mobile marketing therefore puts you in the full glare of these serious shoppers. If you have what they are looking for, you make a conversion!

3. 80% of All Shoppers Now Prefer the Mobile Platform


Four out of every five customers now make purchases using smartphones. This is huge but of course, every marketer well aware of market trends knows this. Using mobile marketing or being in the thick of things will allow you to take advantage of the huge opportunity presented here. Smart retailers are one step forward, providing incentives in the form of coupons and discounts targeting mobile users. Restaurants too aren’t left behind. This now should be a wakeup call to marketers who still have not positioned themselves to reap benefits here.

4. Majority of Retailers Are Already on Board

It is expected that more than 220 million retailers in America will solidify their presence in the mobile marketing arena. Because retailers drive trends, either they know what commerce is going to be like in the future or you are just safe making company with the majority. The truth however is that every trend points to mobile marketing.

5. 2014 Is Marked As the Year Mobile Will Surpass Desktop Internet Usage

The developing world is gearing up for increased access to affordable smartphones as well as data plans. And while technology is the chief culprit here, it will not hurt for calculating marketers to invest more in mobile marketing. Another advantage that technology in telephony is going to offer is the ability to use phones to counter infrastructural inadequacies. Smartphones will therefore provide cheaper and more realistic alternatives to expensive at-home Internet connections especially in the emerging markets.

6. The Growth in America


It is expected that almost 150 million Americans will own smartphones sometime in 2014. If this were not reason enough to contemplate mobile marketing then there probably wouldn’t be any. Mobile marketing is even more necessary now because about 52% of this market proportion use phones to browse in-store when researching products. Mobile marketing therefore becomes important because fair pricing, transparency, and even online reputation management has to be adapted for the mobile media as well.

Mobile marketing is now more important than ever. These stats paint a good picture and every marketer realizes that. If you still don’t, then consider that people now have more mobile phones than toothbrushes―just something to think about!

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