10 Social Media Marketing Changes in 2014

social-media-changes-2014In tech language, social media is the most dynamic. With this in mind, it is prudent to try to determine what the next turn would be. This is of particular importance to marketers because social media marketing provides the single biggest publicity platform and no one wants to go wrong on this. Going by the trends that have been evident in the recent past, the following 10 changes are likely to be experienced.

1. Visibility Will Be Elicited More from Image-Based Content

According to media monitor Kissmetrics, posts on Facebook accompanied with photos get more clicks, comments, and likes. And this is thought to be a result of the increasing importance of Tumblr and Pinterest. This means that 2014 and beyond is going to see a lot more visual-centered posts as opposed to plain text.

2. LinkedIn Is Poised to Become an Important Player in Publishing

playerThe power of more than 100 million writers and captive readers in any social network can instantly turn it into a premium destination for industry news. Serious marketers therefore need to anticipate this from LinkedIn and position themselves early enough so they are part of this productive ecosystem. A good way would be through publishing original content and networking with peers, this should help raise your profile.

3. Social Media Will Attract the Attention of Many More Brands

Social media marketing is cost effective and has gigantic reach. Brands that have not taken advantage of this are bound to be rushing in. this however isn’t a great number as an estimated 7% of marketers are thought to be doing without social media marketing. There however is going to be heightened activity as those already using the avenue will re-strategize and add even more zest into the campaigns.

4. There Will Be Increased Social Media Marketing Activity Going Mobile

There is increased mobile usage and this already is surpassing desktop engagements. Social media marketing therefore has to be configured to be mobile friendly. Marketers now have the task of knowing they will enhance content over the mobile medium. They also will have to figure out the overall marketing strategy vis-à-vis creating responsive designs for their mobile sites.

5. Interactive Content is Becoming King

interactive2Social media marketing has shown preference towards interaction and this is initiated more by interactive content as opposed to static content. This is because trends have shown that content improves in quality with passing time. The market is therefore evolving to anticipate more creativity.

6. Social Meida is Becoming More About Engagement and Less About Sales

Most companies that boast of real social media marketing accomplishments do so because of the level of engagements they have initiated. The entire scene is changing to be more about nurturing relationships as well as using social outreach to share value.

7. Content is Changing to Be Better

Achieving a deeper and much more meaningful conversation and connection over social media is becoming more technical. Social media marketing now needs to be based on more meaningful content.

8. Google+ Will Keep Growing

Google+ is raking in more users and gaining importance in social media marketing. It already has surpassed Twitter meaning its only logical target now is Facebook. It might not be a solid threat to Facebook just yet but it is bound to reach a tipping point. This means that social media marketing has to adopt and love this social networking site.

9. Campaigns in Social Media Change From Free to Paid Endeavors

Facebook and Twitter offer an edge with their paid tools. These are looking to be more effective as opposed to the generic efforts marketers have preferred over the years. Marketers keen to beat competition now need to master the skills of effectively using these advanced tools that are soon becoming mainstream.

10. Social Media is Maturing

This is both bad and good news. The dynamics that social media are known for are getting predictable now. This means that anyone looking to score through social media marketing has to think of tricks to make them stand out. It can be great content, innovative visuals, or apt use of available tools; anything as long as your pitch stands out from the noise in social media. This may not be easy but it will be worth it, especially for individuals keen to think wide and creatively.

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