Eight Clever Social Media Improvements You Can’t Avoid

8-social-media-improvementsHow business is conducted over the Internet is going to change a whole lot in the coming years. This is because social media marketing, which is one of the key business drivers, is embedded on a very dynamic platform. And while it can be easy to pay these trends and improvements no mind, good business practice demands they not only be identified but internalized so that whatever storm they can brew for business can be fully anticipated. Failing to heed them might not be a crime, but at the moment it is almost comparable to business suicide, especially for enterprises whose advertising and marketing campaigns are largely situated in social media.

1. Twitter’s Transformation is Still a Big Deal!

Twitter’s transformation will see it assume a more substantial role in communication. Many businesses will be safe trying to drive more sales using this social media site because its resilience has proven to be greater. It has evolved in a manner that no social media site has managed. Twitter indeed is going to help many businesses drive direct sales and will remain a formidable force in social media marketing.

2. Temporary Social Media

Snapchat has developed an innovative social media messaging method that allows users to send out self-destructing messages. While this is still new and its full effects are not properly known, there is a likely chance that it will foster a brazen nature that will inspire confidence in the business community. Entrepreneurs can get freer and spontaneous with their social media marketing efforts owing to the increased level of privacy this mode offers.

3. Advances in Gaming Open a New Frontier in Social Media Marketing

Gaming is not for kids anymore; women form a substantial portion of passive online gamers. This fact is a clear indication that the adult population gaming online now makes this stream a viable and powerful marketing avenue. The steady rise in revenues here is a good indication that it is going to revolutionize social media marketing.

4. Development of Niche Networks is Good for Business

Niche-specific networks seem to be the online equivalent of real estate’s gated communities. While they look narrow in focus, they could turn powerful and smart. They provide a good way of reaching the tight ring of passionate followers and milking their loyalty even further. They also are an easier way of keeping an audience you can effectively manage, and this is a chance not many businesses would want to let go of.

5. Virtual Goods May Be Insane, but They Are Popular

The concept of virtual goods is just bananas; funny that it is insanely popular. Because revenues from this are already clocking billions, it only is fair for those seeking courtside seats to use them both for marketing and revenue generation. In social media marketing, nothing is really too little to be disregarded, and all indications are that virtual goods may grow big in the very near future.

6. Mobile Telephony

The recent developments in mobile phones have transformed these devices into Wi-Fi receptors or mini computers. Many people with iPhones for instance readily admit that their devices are used primarily for accessing and transacting business over the Internet. The devices have really changed the entire aspect of connectivity; tablets are taking the frontier to an even fresher level with convenience and limitless possibilities. Rethinking adverts and content to fit the social media marketing context now is inevitable.

7. Virb and Similar Sites Are the Next Big Thing

Social networking sites devoting a huge chunk of their resources on entertainment like Myspace and Virb will get even more airtime. Well, this may only be partially true considering that Myspace is already going Friendster’s way. The kind of interest such sites attract, however, shows that they are sustainable in the long run and worth taking seriously, especially regarding social media marketing.

8. Augmented Reality

This looks like sci-fi, but in a real sense, its applications in commerce can be overwhelming. Product reviews may get even more interesting. Print and video marketing can also be seamlessly integrated. The thought of these alone takes social media marketing to a completely new level. Other possibilities here are going to grow bolder with each passing day, and so far, commerce is the prime winner.

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