How to Get Fans to Share Your Facebook Business Status Update

Social media networks are the future of business marketing so it is important to know how to get your fans to share your messages. The more people who share your status, the more potential customers you can gain. Many people rely on their friends when searching for new products and services. There are several ways to get your fans to share your status updates, the key is knowing how.


Photos and Videos

These updates are shared more often than those that are full of text. Creating a photo or video with a caption or message that stand out is a sure way to get fans to share. You can also share videos or pictures from other sources. When these status updates are shared, they will contain a link back to your page. The link will provide the friends of your fans to check out your page. If you are creating your own video, you should be sure to include information about your business and the products or services you can offer to your customers.


Most people will do anything for a free or discounted item. By using contests for free or discounted products, you will drive people to share your status and your page with their friends. If you are just starting out and are unable to offer a free or discounted product, you can offer many other prizes such as gift cards or simple recognition. In most cases, your fans just want to feel like they are important to our business. By recognizing them for sharing your status, you will reinforce their feelings of importance.

Important Information

Post statuses that your fans will find important to both themselves and others. Items such as statistics, news articles and graphs can prompt more fans to share these facts with others. Be sure that the facts you choose relate to your business to drive potential customers to your page.  When posting facts, try to do it in an entertaining and educational way. You do not want to post information that will not seem interesting or fans will not be compelled to share the post with others.

Be Interactive

When trying to get fans to share your page it is important to have fun. Fans love interactive pages and are more likely to share the status updates that allow them to interact with your business. Playing games can make your updates more entertaining and exciting and many people will want to invite their friends to play as well. In addition to games, you can do question and answer sessions with your fans and customers to help them discover your business and products. These activities are likely to get many shares as people talk about your company with friends.

Hire Professionals

As with any other form of marketing, there are companies that specialize in social media marketing. By hiring a Facebook marketing company, you can make status sharing easy. These companies can create statuses targeted to be shared by your fans. Be sure to check out the company thoroughly before hiring them to increase your status shares. Make sure they are reliable, reasonably priced and have a high success rate.

Mary Miller recommends that if you want an active Facebook page that you contact a Facebook marketing company.

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