How To Bridge The Gap Between Social and Mobile Media Marketing

gap-between-social-mediaSocial Media Marketing is a common online marketing strategy used by companies and entrepreneurs wherein they make use of a certain social networking site to spread the publicity of a certain product or event. Centered on a community of a lot of people, the success of this online marketing strategy heavily depends on something called Electronic Word of Mouth or eWoM. Electronic Word of Mouth is actually something that’s being spread out by the consumers around the social community as a whole regarding the specified product or event being promoted. Why Social Media Marketing instead of local advertisements though? We’ll talk more about the pros, cons of Social Media Marketing and how it works as a whole.

Social Media Marketing is a marketing strategy classified under Earned media or free media as some people call it. Earned media refers to the publicity gained through the use of promotion rather than advertising, meaning you pay less for having to gain publicity. This is the main reason why Social Media Marketing has chosen social networking sites as its platforms. The abundance of users in social networking sites plays a huge role on one’s marketing success. People can easily be influenced through promotions coming from reliable third party sources. Usually in order to achieve this kind of marketing strategy, one company may need to go on a partnership with another or a few more companies to ensure the widespread of promotion. Other companies do the process of giving a bit of reward for people who share or like a certain post promoting the product to hook up extra attention faster. Some other companies do invest on renowned personalities, actresses or YouTube sensations for maximum exposure of their promotions.

Moving along to the pros of Social Media Marketing, social media marketing, compared to regular marketing methods is more flexible in terms of promotion zones. The wide array of social networking sites gives companies options on where to focus their promotions and publicity on. Second is the huge cut in expenses, we all know that it takes a lot of both money and effort to promote a product or a company back then through the use of posters, ads and televisions. But with this method, companies can save up a lot of funds instead of having to pay a lot for advertisements.

Third is because the internet is basically the place where all ends meet from entertainment, social things, gatherings, events and such. Having said that the internet is man’s next frontier, promotions on most things are preferred to be spread out through the web due to the fact that internet overpowers other kinds of media nowadays. As for the cons, of course it doesn’t have to be all pros for marketing solutions. One of the cons of this marketing strategy is the sensitivity of eWoM (electronic Word of Mouth) eWoM can easily manipulate or change the public’s view on something, meaning to say that this kind of online marketing can be unstable when not monitored regularly.

Another con would be the huge list of competitors, not just because the internet is a huge place doesn’t mean that a company can have it for itself. Competitor companies will always appear and try to steal the number of consumers that you have. All in all, compared to the regular advertising solutions, Social Media Marketing may prove to be very effective, but can also be harmful when not given special attention and monitoring.

Mobile phones also play a huge role in online marketing. Unlike old mobile phones, most of the new mobile phones actually have social networking capabilities built into them, meaning people staying connected to social media sites 24/7. And with that in mind, that would be a huge plus for companies to advertise and spread their promotions more. And of course update their followers about their capabilities and how they work.  Not only through the use of social media sites in phones but also through texts, promotional messages and advertisements delivered to their consumers’ phones in real time.

As for the choices of websites that one can choose from, here’s a few that are strongly recommended: is one of the most common and easiest social networking site to gain likes or testimonies from regarding a promoted product. YouTube is also another place to put promotions or advertisements in cause of the high volume of audiences. Other networking sites such as twitter, tumblr, reddit or other blogs may work just as fine but it’s always up to the company on where to promote their things.

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