Is Social Media Marketing Merely a Means To Tell a Story?

social-media-telling-storysThe evolving advertising culture is directly related to the expanding digital highways we see on the internet. As the internet becomes faster and more accessible in remote locations, we see a preference to advertise online, as opposed to presenting something in the real world. Social Media Marketing is everywhere we go, we practically take the internet everywhere we go and connect to everyone through social accounts. Everything that we do can have a connection to Social Media Marketing, because it incorporates our daily lifestyle and activities.

The brilliance in Social Media Marketing is that anyone is able to produce something interesting. Because what we find interesting are stories based on other people's lives, Social Media Marketing is merely a means to tell a story. One where we learn about something new or view a new perspective. As the population grows, the growing needs for Social Media Marketing rises; creating a widespread phenomena, where everyone wants to show off.

If you think about it, what we do in our off time has a connection to Social Media Marketing. Once we make that leap of faith to work for a business, our name becomes associated with that business. And what we do on the weekends; does play a major role in Social Media Marketing, in some cases, not all. Search engines recognize the connection that we have to a business and put us in that association. Allowing for one more variable to be taken into consideration for promotion, not all businesses go by Social Media Marketing as a measure of success. But employees and employers see the value of Social Media Marketing and it can never hurt to have an interesting person to show off their name.

On the other side of Social Media Marketing, sometimes it is complete strangers that turn your small story into a huge hit. It does not take but one person to blow up your story to gather millions of viewers to your Social Media Marketing. Whatever it was that grabbed their attention, be it a picture, video, or blog; they are drawn into your business. They want to know more about your business and thanks to Social Media Marketing, they were able to find you and learn more about you.

People want to see the real you and with all the various forms of Social Media Marketing, the audience will see the real you. Finding tidbits of information is like putting a puzzle together and can be really gratifying, Social Media Marketing displays the many sides of your business. People want to take the anonymity away from knowing your business through Social Media Marketing. Your audience wants to see the real you, what makes the well oiled machine run.

Having the ability to peer into other businesses and what makes them tick; elevates the competition across the board. The only way to level the playing field is improving every aspect of your business. Social Media Marketing plays a vital role because it is a measurement of your success to a degree, not in sales, but in likability.

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