Turning the Challenges of Social Media into Opportunities

social-media-opportunitySocial media is huge and getting even bigger. It now is the single biggest marketing facility available for the majority of businesses. As a collective movement that is transforming businesses in a mighty way, it comes with even bigger consequences. These challenges are real and are causing mind-blowing changes in people and organizations in how they act and apply technology and processes. To make social media and by extension social media marketing really beneficial amidst all this uprising, cutting edge solutions need be thought out fast. As a new game plan, the challenges of social media are many as they are varied. Governance, integration, culture and returns are just some of the most glaring ones. There is a consolation that all these can be transformed into success stories.

Culturally Instigated Challenges

Changing the way old school does business and eventually dragging them into the social media fold is a big problem. It presents a great obstacle especially when you are trying to get a buy in from people who still insist on the fax machine. Arranging one-on-one sessions with such executives and looping them in on the benefits of social media marketing will do the trick. You open avenues to them while also creating your reputation as a dependable entity.

Decision makers are a very important element of a conversion process. Trouble with them though is that not a big number of them have fully embraced social media and all the benefits that come with it. Having a robust social media marketing presence will however help improve your results. This will help you create opportunities with and have conversions in your segment of the market that has not yet embraced social media marketing.

Governance as an Impediment

Encouraging everyone in the company to have a piece of social media usually is an uphill task. In normal situations, every person gets consumed by the workload on his/her desk and may have little extra time to dedicate to social media marketing on behalf of the organization. Still, staff may be tempted to go beyond what they are mandated to do in social media. Getting every employee on board is however a fine way of creating some serious momentum. You can rope in most of them by relaying data that describe a success story as a result of an employee’s effort.

Challenges Borne Out of Underdeveloped Meeting Standards

Social media marketing efforts can generate a ton of data. Filtering these to make an informed decision can be a challenge. Dedicating a bunch of personnel to decipher the missing link in the data can pay immensely. You can also invest in technology. This can be very beneficial as it can help the organization map out a rewarding and consistent campaign.

Building social media channels to have good lead prospects is another challenge. Many executives really have a knack for getting followers but fail at turning this following into meaningful conversions. Usually, providing value for this following easily solves the problem. It also comes with another decisive factor: you get to turn this following into a legion of loyal fans that not only come back for more but also give you and your products a lot of earned word of mouth.

Determining the exact amount of money to spend in social media marketing can be tricky. This has a lot to do with determining the correct position on ROI. The three basic costs that you can start by evaluating are implementation, system maintenance and moderation. Productivity on the other hand can be measured with the system’s productivity and how many man-hours are saved in the process. Determining the budget will then depend on the measurable achieved by the various components of the social media marketing system in place.

Integration as a Challenge

social-media-challengesDetermining whether to use one or many platforms to target one or multiple verticals is another challenge. A way out and one that creates other opportunities relies on knowing the various segments of the markets and their various preferred media. You can then use this information to allocate requisite time, budget and personnel to the various platforms in order of priority. Social media marketing is revolutionizing marketing and the way commerce is conducted; a little hiccup here and there is therefore going to be normal along the way. The easy way out is to work with such difficulties and turn them into opportunities.

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